2017 Sponsors

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Harbor Health Center – Regenerative
Sports Medicine
Dr. John Grady, Samantha Matthews &
Dan Grady
Pat and Rowland Rebele


Brian and Patricia Herman
Valley Vineyard Church


Charles and Diane Abraham
Alan and Wendy Aman
Mary and Harry Blanchard
Claudia Brown and Dave Evans
Lee and Nell Cliff
John Dietz
Cathleen and Terry Eckhardt
Heart Farm
Dr. John Grady, Samantha Matthews &
Dan Grady
Terry LaPorte, Attorney at Law
Timothy McCormick and Noel De Gelleke
Alan and Maggie McKay
George and Gail Ow
Michael Price
Mari and Edward Rossi
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Frank Shelley
Sibley Verbeck Simon and Nina Simon
Daniel Stevenson
Jill and Richard Wilson


Mary Jane and Gordon Chambers
Redwood Nonviolence Community
Robert and Diana Deacon
Carolyn and Frederick Irvine
David Kaun
Edward and Debra Menges
Harvey and Judy Nickelson
Santa Cruz County Bank
Celia and Peter Scott
Robin and Paul Stevens
Daniel Stevenson
Westside Bookies Book Club


Ronald Albright and Barbara Todd
Banciforte Auto Repair
Glenn Bartz
Thomas and Lillian Beggs
Katherine Beiers
Bob Blonder and Vi Allain
Peter and Susan Canepa
Capitola-Aptos Rotary Club
Lee Duffus
Fran Guerrero and Gene Moriarty
Jennifer Hastings and Julio Porro
David and Jacqueline Heald
Lou and Joanna Hildebrandt
George and Susan Hurley
Barbara Kackley
Jeanette and Peter Katzlberger
Philip Kramer
David Lavorando and Rosa Montoya
Carole McPherson
Matthew Nathanson
New Leaf Community Markets
Irene Osterbrock
Thomas Phair
Marilyn Robertson
Lloyd and Sue Robinson
Christine Sippl
Rebecca Steckler
Mark and Carol Trabing
Leslie Tremaine
Bob and Bonda White


Alice Benet and John Kersey
Allan Dyson
Eloise Graham
Senator William W. Monning
Kimberly Parrish, REALTOR® | Coldwell Banker
Residential Brokerage
Janet Slay
Jack and Mary Stagnaro
Aine Sweeney
William and Joanne Wigginton

Thank you for all who donated below $150.