Indiv/Family Donors

A huge thank you to the generous individuals and families who have donated to help end homelessness in our community:

Wood: for a house that knows stability

Brian and Patricia A. Herman

Broom: for a house that’s always clean

Cecilia Espinola
Connie Williams and Frank Shelley

Olive Oil: for a house full of good health

Charles and Diane Abraham
Peter Beckmann
John P. Dietz
The Katz-Lapides Family
Michael Price
Daniel Stevenson

Plant: for a house filled with life

Alan and Wendy Aman
Roger Anderson and Myrna Britton
The Beiers Family
Steven and Mary Bignell
Lydia Botsford
Janet Bumgarner
Susan and Peter Canepa
The Eckhardt Chandler Family
Ceil Cirillo
Bonnie Coben
Don and Diane Cooley
Robert and Diana Deacon
Pete and Midge Ehrman
J. Ronald Fisher
Helen and Dave Holt
Mary-nona and Michael Hudson
Joanna Hildebrandt
Carolyn and Fredrick Irvine
Barbara Kackley
Jeanette and Peter Katzlberger
Kris Kennedy and Kennedy Family
Phil Kramer
Jeremy S. Lezin
Laura J and Sajid Martin
Dr. Edward Menges and Mrs. Debra D. Menges
Cathy Miller
David A Lavorando and Rosa M Montoya
Harvey and Judy Nickelson
Irene H Osterbrock
The Pfotenhauer Wilshusen Family
Andrew and Patricia Poulos
Peter and Celia Scott
Katheryne Mitchell and Matt Sparke
Berdell and Michael Spellman
Rebecca Steckler
Margaret E. Webb
Yvonne Zannis and Demian Sherinian