Scrapbook of Souplines Past


Last Year:

trank you.jpgDSC_0861.JPGDSC_0872.JPG13177676_10154179535693007_2380247504020505322_n.jpgDSC_0911.JPG13122925_10154179537678007_5521972688462235718_o.jpg13220533_10154179536388007_2428754052905644819_o.jpg13147403_10154179541168007_1821670679440856954_o.jpgDSC_0923soupline3.JPG


Before Soupline Supper moved to the Cocoanut Grove, Holy Cross church hosted the event.  Even though this is four years old, and the venue has now changed, this video really captures the heart and soul of Soupline supper and the origins of where it began.  Check it out here and join us in person to experience the joy of our community supporting the mission to end homelessness: